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OMV Cooker/x86_64/main

Packages having the problem malformed-line-in-lsb-comment-block (?)

Package (7) Message
proftpd-1.3.4a-9 # It features a very Apache-like configuration syntax,
proftpd-1.3.4a-9 # a focus toward simplicity, security, and ease of configuration.
proftpd-1.3.4a-9 # and a highly customizable server infrastructure,
proftpd-1.3.4a-9 # anonymous FTP, and permission-based directory visibility.
proftpd-1.3.4a-9 # including support for multiple 'virtual' FTP servers,
rwho-0.17-27 # (similiar to finger).
rwho-0.17-27 # the users logged into a machine running the rwho daemon
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