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OMV Cooker/x86_64/main

Packages having the problem summary-not-capitalized (?)

Package (295) Message
abb-0.5-4 C command-line client for abf.rosalinux.ru
abrt-addon-ccpp-2.0.10-8 C abrt's C/C++ addon
abrt-addon-kerneloops-2.0.10-8 C abrt's kerneloops addon
abrt-addon-python-2.0.10-8 C abrt's addon for catching and analyzing Python exceptions
abrt-addon-vmcore-2.0.10-8 C abrt's vmcore addon
abrt-addon-xorg-2.0.10-8 C abrt's Xorg addon
abrt-cli-2.0.10-8 C abrt's command line interface
abrt-gui-2.0.10-8 C abrt's gui
apache-mod_dav_fs-2.4.10-1 C filesystem provider for mod_dav
apache-mod_dav_lock-2.4.10-1 C generic locking module for mod_dav
apache-mod_heartbeat-2.4.10-1 C sends messages with server status to frontend proxy
apache-mod_heartmonitor-2.4.10-1 C centralized monitor for mod_heartbeat origin servers
apache-mod_optional_fn_export-2.4.10-1 C optional hook import module
apache-mod_proxy_balancer-2.4.10-1 C mod_proxy extension for load balancing
apache-mod_proxy_connect-2.4.10-1 C mod_proxy extension for CONNECT request handling
apache-mod_proxy_fdpass-2.4.10-1 C fdpass external process support module for mod_proxy
apache-mod_socache_shmcb-2.4.10-1 C shmcb based shared object cache provider
apache-mod_watchdog-2.4.10-1 C provides infrastructure for other modules to periodically run tasks
bsh-utils-1.3.0-27.1 C bsh utilities
choqok-devel-1.4-1 C choqok development files
cpuminer-2.3.2-3 C multi-threaded CPU miner for Litecoin and Bitcoin
cpupower-3.14.9-1 C the cpupower tools
cpupower-devel-3.14.9-1 C devel files for cpupower
dkms-bbswitch-0.4.2-8 C bbswitch - Optimus GPU power switcher
fcitx-devel- C fcitx development library
fcitx-gtk2- C fcitx gtk 2.x module
fcitx-gtk3- C fcitx gtk 3.x module
fcitx-qt4- C fcitx Qt 4.x module
fortune-mod-1.99.1-32 da fortune-cookie program med mange fejl rettelser
gimp-plugin-gmic- C gmic plugin for gimp
gitweb-2.1.0-1 C cgi-bin script for browse a git repository with web browser
gnome-boxes-3.8.3-1 C boxes manager for GNOME
graphicsmagick-doc-1.3.19-4 C graphicsmagick Documentation
graphviz-doc-2.36.0-13 C graphviz documentation
gvfs-gphoto2-1.18.3-2 C gphoto2 support for gvfs
gvfs-iphone-1.18.3-2 C iphone support for gvfs
imagemagick-doc- C imagemagick Documentation
ioping-0.6-7 C simple disk I/O latency measuring tool
jetty-annotations-9.0.5-1.0 C annotations module for Jetty
jetty-ant-9.0.5-1.0 C ant module for Jetty
jetty-client-9.0.5-1.0 C client module for Jetty
jetty-continuation-9.0.5-1.0 C continuation module for Jetty
jetty-deploy-9.0.5-1.0 C deploy module for Jetty
jetty-http-9.0.5-1.0 C http module for Jetty
jetty-http-spi-9.0.5-1.0 C http-spi module for Jetty
jetty-io-9.0.5-1.0 C io module for Jetty
jetty-jaas-9.0.5-1.0 C jaas module for Jetty
jetty-jaspi-9.0.5-1.0 C jaspi module for Jetty
jetty-jmx-9.0.5-1.0 C jmx module for Jetty
jetty-jndi-9.0.5-1.0 C jndi module for Jetty
jetty-jsp-9.0.5-1.0 C jsp module for Jetty
jetty-jspc-maven-plugin-9.0.5-1.0 C jspc-maven-plugin module for Jetty
jetty-maven-plugin-9.0.5-1.0 C maven-plugin module for Jetty
jetty-monitor-9.0.5-1.0 C monitor module for Jetty
jetty-overlay-deployer-9.0.5-1.0 C overlay-deployer module for Jetty
jetty-plus-9.0.5-1.0 C plus module for Jetty
jetty-proxy-9.0.5-1.0 C proxy module for Jetty
jetty-rewrite-9.0.5-1.0 C rewrite module for Jetty
jetty-runner-9.0.5-1.0 C runner module for Jetty
jetty-security-9.0.5-1.0 C security module for Jetty
jetty-server-9.0.5-1.0 C server module for Jetty
jetty-servlet-9.0.5-1.0 C servlet module for Jetty
jetty-servlets-9.0.5-1.0 C servlets module for Jetty
jetty-start-9.0.5-1.0 C start module for Jetty
jetty-util-9.0.5-1.0 C util module for Jetty
jetty-util-ajax-9.0.5-1.0 C util-ajax module for Jetty
jetty-webapp-9.0.5-1.0 C webapp module for Jetty
jetty-websocket-api-9.0.5-1.0 C websocket-api module for Jetty
jetty-websocket-client-9.0.5-1.0 C websocket-client module for Jetty
jetty-websocket-common-9.0.5-1.0 C websocket-common module for Jetty
jetty-websocket-server-9.0.5-1.0 C websocket-server module for Jetty
jetty-websocket-servlet-9.0.5-1.0 C websocket-servlet module for Jetty
jetty-xml-9.0.5-1.0 C xml module for Jetty
kdeartwork4-color-schemes-4.13.3-1 C kdeartwork4 color schemes
kdeartwork4-emoticons-4.13.3-1 C kdeartwork4 emoticons
kdeartwork4-kscreensaver-4.13.3-1 C kdeartwork4 kscreensaver
kdeartwork4-styles-4.13.3-1 C kdeartwork4 styles
kdeartwork4-wallpapers-4.13.3-1 C kdeartwork4 wallpapers
kfilereplace-4.13.3-1 C kfilereplace
kincidenceeditor-4.12.1-1 C kincidenceeditor
klinkstatus-4.13.3-1 C klinkstatus
ksendemail-4.12.1-1 C kdepim4 ksendemail
lib64akonadiprotocolinternals1-1.13.0-1 C akonadi library
lib64akonadiprotocolinternals2-1.13.0-1 C akonadi library
lib64asprintf0-0.19.1-1 C gettext libasprintf needed by gettext utilities
lib64bluray-devel-0.2.3-11 C libbluray development files
lib64choqok1-1.4-1 C choqok library
lib64cogl-devel-1.14.0-7 C cogl development environment
lib64cogl-pango-devel-1.14.0-7 C cogl-pango development environment
lib64dmtx-devel-0.7.4-8 C libdmtx developement files
lib64dmtx0-0.7.4-8 C libdmtx library package
lib64echonest-devel-2.1.0-7 C libechonest development files
lib64echonest2.1-2.1.0-7 C libechonest core library
lib64fli1-1.7-12 C libfli library
lib64fm-devel-1.2.2-0.20140802.1 C libfm developement files
lib64fm-extra4-1.2.2-0.20140802.1 C libfm extra library package
lib64fm-gtk4-1.2.2-0.20140802.1 C libfm extra library package
lib64fm4-1.2.2-0.20140802.1 C libfm library package
lib64gegl-sc0.3-0.3.0-0.20140703.5 C libgegl-sc library for gegl
lib64gegl0.3_0-0.3.0-0.20140703.5 C libgegl library for gegl
lib64gestures0-0.1-0.2 C libgestures library from ChromiumOS
lib64gettextpo0-0.19.1-1 C gettext libgettextpo needed by gettext utilities
lib64hwloc5-1.9-3 C hwloc shared library
lib64ifp-devel- C iRiver driver library development files
lib64ifp4- C iRiver driver library
lib64iodbc-devel-3.52.8-8 C header files and libraries for iODBC development
lib64iscsi-devel-1.9.0-7 C iSCSI client development libraries
lib64iscsi1-1.9.0-7 C iSCSI client library
lib64kcddb4-4.13.3-1 C libkcddb library
lib64kexiv2_11-4.13.3-1 C libkexiv2 library
lib64kipi11-4.13.3-1 C libkipi library
lib64knmclient4- C libknclient library used by knetworkmanager
lib64knminternals4- C libkninternals library used by knetworkmanager
lib64knmservice4- C libknservice library used by knetworkmanager
lib64knmui4- C libknui library used by knetworkmanager
lib64kvkontakte-devel-2.7.0-0.git20120710.2 C libkvkontakte Developpement Files
lib64kvkontakte1-2.7.0-0.git20120710.2 C libkvkontakte Library
lib64lancelot-datamodels1-4.12.1-1 C kdeplasma-addons library
lib64lancelot2-4.12.1-1 C kdeplasma-addons library
lib64lastfm-devel-1.0.7-7 C liblastfm development header
lib64mpathpersist0-0.4.9-2.20130222.1 C libmpathpersist library
lib64msn0.3-4.2.1-9 C libmsn library
lib64multipath0-0.4.9-2.20130222.1 C libmultipath library
lib64plasmacomicprovidercore1-4.12.1-1 C kdeplasma-addons library
lib64plasmacontainmentsgrouping4-4.12.1-1 C kdeplasma-addons library
lib64plasmapotdprovidercore1-4.12.1-1 C kdeplasma-addons library
lib64plasmaweather4-4.12.1-1 C kdeplasma-addons library
lib64qoauth1-1.0.1-7 C qoauth core library
lib64rtm4-4.12.1-1 C kdeplasma-addons library
lib64skgbankgui1-1.8.0-1 C skrooge library
lib64skgbankmodeler1-1.8.0-1 C skrooge library
lib64skgbasegui1-1.8.0-1 C skrooge library
lib64skgbasemodeler1-1.8.0-1 C skrooge library
lib64smokebase3-4.12.1-1 C smokegen Library
lib64solidcontrolfuture4- C solidcontrolfuture library used by knetworkmanager
lib64solidcontrolnm4- C libsolidcontrol library for networkmanager 0.9
lib64solidcontrolnmifaces4- C libsolidcontrol library for networkmanager 0.9
lib64svn_auth_gnome_keyring1_0-1.8.5-3 C gnome-keyring support for svn
lib64svn_auth_kwallet1_0-1.8.5-3 C kwallet support for svn
lib64tesseract3-3.02.03-0.svn866.3 C tesseract support library
lib64twitterapihelper1-1.4-1 C choqok library
lib64ulockmgr1-2.9.3-7 C libulockmgr for fuse
lib64verto-glib1-0.2.5-9 C glib module for libverto
lib64verto-libev1-0.2.5-9 C libev module for libverto
lib64verto-libevent1-0.2.5-9 C libevent module for libverto
lib64verto-tevent1-0.2.5-9 C tevent module for libverto
lib64virt-gconfig1.0-devel-0.1.7-3 C libvirt object APIs for processing object configuration development files
lib64virt-gconfig1.0_0-0.1.7-3 C libvirt object APIs for processing object configuration
lib64virt-glib1.0-devel-0.1.7-3 C libvirt glib integration for events development files
lib64virt-glib1.0_0-0.1.7-3 C libvirt object APIs for processing object configuration
lib64virt-gobject1.0-devel-0.1.7-3 C libvirt object APIs for managing virtualization hosts development files
lib64virt-gobject1.0_0-0.1.7-3 C libvirt object APIs for managing virtualization hosts
lib64xcb-cursor-devel-0.1.1-4 C xcb-util-cursor development files
lib64xcb-cursor0-0.1.1-4 C xcb-util-cursor library package
lib64xcb-ewmh2-0.4.1-3 C xcb-ewmh library package
lib64xcb-icccm4-0.4.1-3 C xcb-icccm library package
lib64xcb-util-image-devel-0.3.9-9 C xcb-util-image development files
lib64xcb-util-image-static-devel-0.3.9-9 C xcb-util-image development files
lib64xcb-util-image0-0.3.9-9 C xcb-util-image library package
lib64xcb-util-keysyms-devel-0.3.9-8 C xcb-util-keysyms development files
lib64xcb-util-keysyms1-0.3.9-8 C xcb-util-keysyms library package
lib64xcb-util-renderutil-devel-0.3.9-2 C xcb-util-renderutil development files
lib64xcb-util-renderutil0-0.3.9-2 C xcb-util-renderutil library package
lib64xcb-util-wm-devel-0.4.1-3 C xcb-util-wm development headers
lib64xcb-util1-0.3.9-13 C xcb-util library package
libcrystalhd-common-0-0.20121105.1 C udev rules for Broadcom Crystal HD decoder
libfm-gtk-1.2.2-0.20140802.1 C gtk related parts of the libfm library
libifp- C iRiver driver library
libiscsi-utils-1.9.0-7 C iSCSI Client Utilities
libmygpo-qt-devel-1.0.8-1 C libmygpo-qt development files
libreport-cli-2.0.10-2 C libreport's command line interface
libreport-compat-2.0.10-2 C libreport's compat layer for obsoleted 'report' package
libreport-newt-2.0.10-2 C libreport's newt interface
libreport-plugin-bodhi-2.0.10-2 C libreport's bodhi plugin
libreport-plugin-bugzilla-2.0.10-2 C libreport's bugzilla plugin
libreport-plugin-kerneloops-2.0.10-2 C libreport's kerneloops reporter plugin
libreport-plugin-logger-2.0.10-2 C libreport's logger reporter plugin
libreport-plugin-mailx-2.0.10-2 C libreport's mailx reporter plugin
libreport-plugin-reportuploader-2.0.10-2 C libreport's reportuploader plugin
libvirt-glib-python-0.1.7-3 C libvirt glib integration for events python binding
libxkbcommon-doc-0.4.2-3 C libxkbcommon documentation
lxappearance-devel-0.5.1-10 C lxappearance developement files
madwimax-0.1.1-8 C madwimax userspace driver
maven-istack-commons-plugin-2.17-2.0 C istack-commons Maven Mojo
maven-wagon-scm-2.5-2.1 C scm module for maven-wagon
netprofile-plugin-firewall-0.28-14 C firewall configuration plugin for netprofile
netprofile-plugin-network-0.28-14 C network configuration plugin for netprofile
netprofile-plugin-proxy-0.28-14 C proxy configuration plugin for netprofile
netprofile-plugin-services-0.28-14 C service management plugin for netprofile
netprofile-plugin-urpmi-0.28-14 C urpmi configuration plugin for netprofile
perl-MRO-Compat-0.110.0-13 C mro::* interface compatibility for Perls < 5.9.5
plasma-applet-bball-4.12.1-1 C bball Plasma Applet
plasma-applet-didyouknow-4.11.1-1 C plasma didyouknow Applet
plasma-applet-incomingmsg-4.12.1-1 C incomingmsg Plasma Applet
plasma-applet-kworldclock-4.12.1-1 C plasma kworldclock Applet
plasma-applet-life-4.12.1-1 C life Plasma Applet
plasma-engine-kalzium-4.11.1-1 C plasma didyouknow Applet
python-matplotlib-wx-1.3.1-2 C wxPython backend for matplotlib
python-pip-1.4.1-20 C pip installs packages. Python packages. An easy_install replacement
python-twisted-doc-14.0.0-2 C python-twisted documentation
qt4-qtchooser-4.8.6-7 C qtchooser integration for Qt 4.x
quota-nld-4.01-10 C quota_nld daemon
shared-mime-info-devel-1.3-3 C development files for shared-mime-info
soprano-plugin-redland-2.9.4-8 C redland soprano plugin
sound-theme-freedesktop-0.8-7 C freedesktop.org default sound theme
swi-prolog-xpce-5.10.5-4 C swi-prolog native GUI library
telepathy-qt4-devel-0.9.3-3 C telepathy-qt4 development files
texlive-afm2pl.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of afm2pl
texlive-aleph.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of aleph
texlive-babel-welsh-1.0d-7 C babel-welshBabel support for Welsh
texlive-bibtex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of bibtex
texlive-bibtex8.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of bibtex8
texlive-bibtexu.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of bibtexu
texlive-chktex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of chktex
texlive-cjkutils.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of cjkutils
texlive-colourchange-1.22-8 C colourchange
texlive-ctie.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of ctie
texlive-cweb.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of cweb
texlive-detex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of detex
texlive-devnag.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of devnag
texlive-dtl.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of dtl
texlive-dvi2tty.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of dvi2tty
texlive-dvicopy.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of dvicopy
texlive-dvidvi.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of dvidvi
texlive-dviljk.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of dviljk
texlive-dvipdfmx.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of dvipdfmx
texlive-dvipng.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of dvipng
texlive-dvipos.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of dvipos
texlive-dvips.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of dvips
texlive-dvisvgm.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of dvisvgm
texlive-etextools-3.1415926-8 C e-TeX tools for LaTeX users and package writers
texlive-fontware.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of fontware
texlive-gsftopk.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of gsftopk
texlive-interactiveworkbook-20061006-8 C latex-based interactive PDF on the web
texlive-kpathsea.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of kpathsea
texlive-lacheck.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of lacheck
texlive-latex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of latex
texlive-lcdftypetools.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of lcdftypetools
texlive-logbox-1.0-8 C e-TeX showbox facilities for exploration purposes
texlive-lshort-vietnamese-4.00-8 C vietnamese version of the LaTeX introduction
texlive-luatex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of luatex
texlive-m-tx.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of m-tx
texlive-makeindex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of makeindex
texlive-metafont.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of metafont
texlive-metapost.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of metapost
texlive-mfware.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of mfware
texlive-mptopdf-20140620-2 C mpost to PDF, native MetaPost graphics inclusion
texlive-omegaware.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of omegaware
texlive-patgen.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of patgen
texlive-pdftex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of pdftex
texlive-pdftools.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of pdftools
texlive-pmx.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of pmx
texlive-ps2pkm.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of ps2pkm
texlive-pstools.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of pstools
texlive-ptex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of ptex
texlive-pxpgfmark-0.2-7 C e-pTeX driver for PGF inter-picture connections
texlive-scheme-basic-20120810-7 C basic scheme (plain and latex)
texlive-scheme-full-20140621-2 C full scheme (everything)
texlive-scheme-medium-20131013-7 C medium scheme (small + more packages and languages)
texlive-scheme-minimal-20120307-7 C minimal scheme (plain only)
texlive-scheme-small-20131013-7 C small scheme (basic + xetex, metapost, a few languages)
texlive-scheme-tetex-20140215-3 C teTeX scheme (more than medium, but nowhere near full)
texlive-seetexk.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of seetexk
texlive-shadowtext-0.3-8 C shadowtext
texlive-synctex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of synctex
texlive-tetex-3.0-24 C scripts and files originally written for or included in teTeX
texlive-tex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of tex
texlive-tex4ht.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of tex4ht
texlive-texlive-docindex-20140621-2 C top-level TeX Live doc.html, etc
texlive-texware.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of texware
texlive-tie.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of tie
texlive-ttfutils.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of ttfutils
texlive-uptex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of uptex
texlive-vlna.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of vlna
texlive-web-4.5-11 C original web programs tangle and weave
texlive-web.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of web
texlive-xdvi.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of xdvi
texlive-xetex.bin-20140525-6 C binary files of xetex
uclibc-dump-0.4b44-3 C uClibc linked build of dump
uclibc-fuse-2.9.3-7 C uClibc build of fuse
uclibc-lib64bzip2_1-1.0.6-17 C uClibc linked libraries for developing apps which will use bzip2
uclibc-lib64pci3-3.2.1-9 C uClibc linked version of the PCI library
uclibc-lib64sysfs2-2.1.0-33 C uClibc linked library for sysfsutils
uclibc-lib64ulockmgr1-2.9.3-7 C libulockmgr for fuse (uClibc build)
uclibc-pppd-2.4.5-16 C uClibc-linked build of pppd
uclibc-pppoe-3.11-10 C uClibc-linked build of pppoe
uclibc-quota-4.01-10 C uClibc build of quota tools
uclibc-rmt-0.4b44-3 C uClibc linked build of rmt
uclibc-strace-4.8-9 C uClibc build of strace
uclibc-util-linux-2.24.2-4 C uClibc build of util-linux
viewres-1.0.4-7 C graphical class browser for Xt
wayland-doc-1.5.0-3 C wayland documentation
wayland-tools-1.5.0-3 C wayland devel tools
xclock-1.0.6-8 C analog / digital clock for X
ytalk-3.3.0-16 de benutzt das Internet-Talk-Protokoll zum Erstellen von Multiuser-Chat-Sitzungen
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